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The best way to mirror screen to Roku TV [Full Guide 2023]


Roku TVs have been gaining popularity due to their smart options, user-friendly interface, and extensive display features. While cost-effectiveness is one of the Roku TV’s competitive advantages, users are always after finding ways to utilize the best efficiencies of their Roku TVs. This insightful guide is meant for a user wanting to mirror screen to Roku TV effortlessly. Screen mirroring to a Roku TV allows you to display the content from your various devices, such as Android and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), Mac, Android, Windows, and PC, directly on your Roku TV screen.

It offers convenience and flexibility for sharing photos, videos, presentations, and more. Let’s explore the benefits of using a screen mirroring app for Roku TV and check out some top apps for seamless screen mirroring.

Why you need a screen mirroring app for Roku TV

Most of the current Roku TVs support screen mirroring features by default. But they do have limitations. For example, not all Roku TV models support screen mirroring. You have to check if your Roku TV allows screen mirroring by checking your Roku TV’s settings.

Screen Mirror to Roku

Another limitation to mirror screen to Roku TV comes with Apple devices. If your Roku TV is not AirPlay-compatible, you cannot start screen mirroring from Apple devices to your Roku TV.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you go for a reliable third-party screen mirroring app. Screen mirroring apps for Roku TV provide several advantages over other methods of mirroring the screen.

These apps offer enhanced compatibility, more features, and a smoother mirroring experience. Using an app can overcome the limitations of Roku TV’s built-in capabilities for screen mirroring and provide a better overall user experience. With a dedicated app, you can mirror the screen from a wider range of devices and enjoy additional features and customization options.

The apps to mirror screen to Roku TV

Let’s explore the top apps to mirror screen to Roku TV in the following section. Every app discussed below has its own merits and limitations. So, you must check out the highlights of every app, so you can decide which one is the best choice for your requirements.

cast Android to TV

FlashGet Cast [All in One]

FlashGet Cast is an all-in-one screen mirroring app that offers seamless compatibility with various platforms such as Chrome, iOS devices, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Its main features include the following:

Multi-platform Screen Sharing: You can enjoy seamless screen sharing for all the major platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices.

Multi-network Screen Sharing: With FlashGet Cast, you can share multiple screens to your Roku TV or any other smart TV. This provides you with a hassle-free collaborative environment to work or have fun on larger screens.

Connect Multiple Devices: You can share up to five devices on one TV simultaneously. That’s a valuable feature to collaborate with your colleagues, staff, and loved ones on a single TV.

Customizable Options: You can maximize your screen viewing experience by customizing audio and video settings on larger screens.

Remote Control Feature: You can control your Android or iOS devices remotely on your PC.

A step-by-step guide to mirror screen to Roku TV:

Step 1. Download, install, and launch the FlashGet Cast app on your device from the official website.You can also download the FlashGet Cast app directly on your Android device from the Google Play store. Similarly, you can download the official FlashGet Cast app on your Apple device from the App Store.

Step 2. Go to your Roku TV’s internet browser and access the web version of FlashGet Cast. Make sure that your Roku TV and the device you want to mirror are both connected to the same Wi-Fi. Buy the Premium version of FlashGet Cast if you want to use different Wi-Fi networks on your Roku TV and your device.

Step 3. Scan the QR code displayed on your Roku TV from your device or enter the 9-digit code shown on your Roku TV into your device’s FlashGet Cast app.

Step 4. Allow the necessary connection permissions if prompted. Your device’s screen will be displayed on your Roku TV.

Video & TV Cast

Video & TV Cast is a popular video streaming app that offers compatibility with Roku TV and other smart TVs.

Its features include:

Easy Set-Up: Video & TV cast provides an easy setup of video streaming functionality. You can start casting videos from your devices to a Roku TV within minutes.

Multiple Smart TVs Supported: In addition to Roku TV, this app supports Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, Fire TV, DLNA, and Google Cast.

Wide Compatibility with Formats: This app has wide compatibility with popular video and streaming formats.

To use Video & TV Cast for video streaming to Roku TV, tap the cast icon from your device to connect your device to your Roku TV. Play the video on your device and tap the cast icon on the video or below the web browser. Your video will be displayed on your Roku TV.

Note: The Video & TV Cast app is just meant for video streaming to your smart TVs. They have a separate app for screen mirroring known as Screen Mirroring.

AirBeamTV – Roku TV Screen Mirroring App

AirBeamTV is another good option to mirror screen to Roku TV. You can use this app to enjoy your favorite content and media on larger screens.

Here are its main features and benefits:

Universal Compatibility: This app is compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems, including iOS, macOS, Windows, Android devices, and Chromecast.

Compatible with many TV Brands: In addition to Roku TV, AirBeamTV is compatible with a wide range of TV brands, including Sony, Samsung, Fire TV, LG, Panasonic, and much more.

Simple Setup and Interface: This app has a simple interface that is ideal for use in any scenario. The screen mirroring setup is also easy to use.

Additional Features: You can enjoy multiple features with this app, including audio and video streaming capabilities.

Pocket-friendly: This app offers basic screen mirroring features for free. So, you don’t need to spend your hard-earned money to view your content on your Roku TV.

Instructions to mirror screen to Roku TV:

Download, install, and launch the AirBeamTV app on your device and connect Roku TV and your device to the Same WiFi network. Tap the “Screen Mirroring” option on the AirBeamTV app on your device. You can also tap the cast icon shown on the app. Tap your Roku TV from a list of available devices for screen mirroring. Grant the necessary permission if prompted. Your device’s screen will appear on your Roku TV.

TV Cast for Roku

TV Cast for Roku is a video casting app designed specifically for Roku TVs and Roku devices. You can elevate your Roku TV experience using this dedicated app by sharing the media from your phone to a Roku TV.

Here are the main features of this app:

Comprehensive Solution for Roku TV: This app works well with a Roku TV, Roku Stick, and Roku Box. You can use this app to add multiple content-sharing features to your Roku devices.

Remote Control Option: You can control your Roku TV with the integrated Roku Remote using this app.

Single-tap operation: You can tap on a cast icon to stream the video on your device to your Roku TV.

Multiple Players and Formats Supported: This app supports major Roku players, like Roku TV, Roku Streaming Stick, and Roku Express. It also supports major video formats.

Here’s how you can stream videos from your devices on your Roku TV using the TV Cast for Roku app:
Download, install, and launch the TV Cast for Roku app on your device and connect your Roku TV and device with the same Wi-Fi network. Play the video on your device and tap the cast icon. Your video will be displayed on your Roku TV.

Note: The TV Cast for Roku is only meant to show the videos from your devices to a Roku TV and is not compatible with smart TVs other than Roku.

How to choose a screen mirroring app for Roku?

Every user wants convenience, especially while displaying content from a phone to a large screen. When choosing a screen mirroring app for Roku, consider factors such as compatibility, features, and ease of use.

You should also look into customer reviews, especially if you want to buy a paid feature of a screen mirroring app. Free software may have limitations like low-quality display and ads, while premium apps like FlashGet Cast offer a more comprehensive and seamless experience.

After a careful review of all the major apps we discussed to mirror screen to Roku TV, FlashGet Cast takes the lead in every aspect. Its features like universal compatibility, ease of use, multiple device mirroring, and remote control function make it the best choice for screen mirroring to a Roku TV or any other smart TV and related devices, including mobile phone and PCs.

People also ask

Yes, using a reputable screen mirroring app like FlashGet Cast is safe as long as you download it from official sources and follow secure connection protocols.
While free options are also available, premium screen mirroring apps generally offer better features, compatibility, and overall user experience. Investing in a premium app like FlashGet Cast can provide a smoother and more reliable screen mirroring experience.
Yes, Roku TVs have built-in screen mirroring functionality that allows you to mirror compatible devices without using an app. However, using a dedicated screen mirroring app can offer additional features and a smoother experience.
Copyrighted content is difficult to be mirrored as most paid networks do not allow their content to be shared. But you can still mirror copyrighted content on your devices, including a Roku TV, by using a good screen mirroring software like FlashGet Cast.

The Flashget Cast duplicates the content from your phone and displays it on your Roku TV. So, if you can access the copyrighted content on your phone, you can also mirror it to your Roku TV.
Not all screen mirroring apps are compatible with Roku TV. Before choosing an app, ensure that it explicitly supports screen mirroring to Roku TV. FlashGet Cast is compatible with most TVs since it mirrors the screen through the TV's browser.
While a stable internet connection is recommended for a smoother experience, screen mirroring to Roku TV primarily relies on the Wi-Fi network to establish a connection between your device and the TV. A high-speed internet connection is not a strict requirement for screen mirroring functionality.

Final words

In conclusion, screen mirroring to a Roku TV offers a convenient way to enjoy content from various devices on a larger screen. By using a dedicated screen mirroring app like FlashGet Cast, you can enhance the mirroring experience and access additional features. Consider your specific needs and choose the app that best suits your requirements. Enjoy seamless screen mirroring to your Roku TV and unlock a world of entertainment possibilities.


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