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FlashGet Cast is an easy-to-use screen mirroring tool on iPhone/Android/Mac/Win that helps you cast screen to TV with ease.

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Cast iPhone/Android/PC to your TV

What can you do via cast iPhone/Android to your TV?

Screen Mirroring phones to popular TV

Casting the video streaming content subscribed to on the iPhone and Android to the TV is family fun. Now you can use FlashGet Cast to project Youtube or TIKTOK to your smart TV at home and enjoy the joy of video and music on the big screen.

* Cast screen to TV is developing.

Cast PC screen to smart TV

Computers are one of the most accessible tools to get content, and they can effortlessly search, browse, and download. However, we really want to play videos and present games on TV. With FlashGet Cast, you can easily connect content between your TV and your computer (Windows and macOS) and display the content of the PC screen to your TV.

* Cast screen to TV is developing.

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