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FlashGet Cast is an advanced cast tool for screen mirroring on any iPhone / iPad device to any Windows, Mac, or iOS device.

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Cast on iPhone/iPad

What can you do via cast on iPhone/iPad?

Mirroring iPhone screen to any iOS & macOS device

FlashGet Cast supports the AirPlay protocol so that you can cast the screen of an iPhone to any iOS device like an iPad and any macOS device like MacBook. You can watch games or TIKTOK that are only available for the iPhone on your MacBook. Share Movies/Photos/Music/Documents from your iPhone to another device with your friends and classmates.

* Cast screen to iOS device is developing.

Screen casting on iPhone to Andorid and Windows 10

There seems to have been a massive rift between Android and iOS, but thanks to FlashGet Cast, this rift will disappear. As long as FlashGet Cast is installed on Android, PC, and any iOS device, you can watch games and applications that work only for iOS on Android and Windows 10.

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