Screen Cast to PC - Cast iPhone/Android to your PC (MacOS/Win)

FlashGet Cast is the best solution to screen cast iPhone/Android to your PC (macOS/Win). It allows you to cast any Android & iOS device screen content to a computer wirelessly or via USB.

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Cast iPhone/Android to your PC (macOS/Win).

What can you do via cast iPhone/Android to your PC?

Cast iOS/Android screen to PC

Casting iPhone/Android screen to PC to display movies/photos/music on a larger screen, show presentations online, real-time display of courseware content with no delay, and play a mobile game on the computer is more fun. FlashGet Cast is suitable for streaming games and entertainment.

Control iOS/Android on the computer

After screen casting iPhone/Android to PC with FlashGet Cast, you can also control the Android phone on the computer via a USB cable. Click and scroll your phone with the mouse and type using the keyboard. Things like viewing TikTok, whereas previously you had to do it on the phone, can now be done on your computer even if you are working.

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