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Barco ClickShare review: A good plan for screen mirroring in meetings


No more embarrassing fumbling with cables and adapters. The intuitive design of the Barco ClickShare makes it deployable by even the least tech-savvy persons in any modern workspace. Its easy and intuitive interface makes users ready to share their screens minutes after getting into the room, with practically no training or technical support. Ease of use is important in high-stakes environments since time matters most in such situations, especially during board meetings, client presentations, or training sessions. Its reliability means users can concentrate on the presentation and not on possible technical glitches. Easy connection and sharing content with Barco ClickShare will make stress and frustration a thing of the past. Let’s discuss more on Barco Clickshare and how it can be a good plan for screen mirroring in meetings.

What is Barco ClickShare?

Barco ClickShare is an advanced wireless presentation and collaboration system that changes the game in the meeting space. With ClickShare, content from a personal device can be shared on a central screen without using any cables or adapters. ClickShare is easy to set up and supports many devices, from laptops and tablets to smartphones. With a ClickShare button or app, users will be able to share their screens in a single click. It offers a simple process that reduces the time that goes into making complex presentations. So, if you need something to help you retain the audience’s attention during presentations, Barco Clickshare might be the ideal pick.

Barco ClickShare

Features of the Barco ClickShare

Barco ClickShare offers a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance the presentation and collaboration experience in any meeting room. Below are the key features explained in detail:

Barco ClickShare

Wireless connections:

Barco ClickShare allows users to connect their different devices to a central display without the involvement of those tedious cables. And that raises the level of having a meeting room that is well-organized and efficient in handling the set-up process with swiftness, which results in reduced unnecessary clutter.

Multi-device support:

Barco ClickShare supports laptops, tablets, and smartphone devices running on not one but several operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. The software will make sure that any participant can take part, no matter what kind of device he is using.

Collaboration tools:

Features in ClickShare include annotation and blackboarding, which allow participants to draw and take notes directly on shared content. Such tools are irreplaceable for brainstorming sessions and interactive discussions.


ClickShare reaches through the security layer due to the use of encryption and user authentication to assert that only authorized users share content. This is particularly necessary during corporate presentations in order to protect sensitive information.


ClickShare connects to your existing AV equipment and integrates with the AV technology of any brand. One click wonder, and you’re sharing.

4K Support:

This system is able to display high-definition video and images with support for a 4K resolution. This makes it perfect for detailed presentations, design reviews, and other applications where image clarity is of vital importance.

Touchback Support:

This can be done from the inside of the meeting rooms by using the laptop from the touch screen. This provides better interaction, plus it’s an easy way to deal with the presentations and documents.

The moderation function grants someone the ability to control the material that is represented on the main screen and make sure that the meetings are carried out with the most relevant topic at the time. This is most useful when one has larger meetings with multiple people presenting.

Dual Screen Support:

ClickShare allows content to be mirrored on 2 different screens in real time for a fuller view by the participants in order to have a complete and improved experience.

Pros and cons of Barco ClickShare

If you’re still on the edge about spending money on this system, then the following list of pros and cons will help you make the final decision.


It offers a user-friendly interface.
The connectivity with the external display is pretty decent.
There aren’t any compatibility issues.
The content quality is exceptional as it supports 4K rez.
It doesn’t require extensive setup routines.
Everyone in the meeting can participate.


It is somewhat pricey.
The first-time setup can take a while when it comes to managing hardware.
You’ll need decent bandwidth to accommodate 4K rez.
There is still a minor lag in the presentation.
The customizations are pretty limited.

For the most part, the pros outweigh the cons. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to avoid the hassle of extensive meeting setups, then Barco ClickShare is a good pick. I would recommend this investment, as it will save you a ton of time value. So, don’t just get stuck at the budget side of things and invest in this meeting system if you have to attend meetings multiple times a week.

How to download and use the Barco ClickShare App

The setup process might vary depending on the device you’re using (PC or mobile phone). However, the general concept of joining a meeting and sharing your screen will remain the same. So, here is how you can download and use the Barco ClickShare app on Android devices.

First, download and install the application from the Play Store.

Next, make sure that the meeting room is on the same network as your phone.

Open the App on your Android.

Barco ClickShare

Let the app search for meeting rooms connected to the router.

Select the desired meeting room.

select meeting room

Enter the necessary PIN code.

enter passcode in Barco ClickShare App

Tap the white circle and confirm your selection.

confirm selection on Barco ClickShare App

Screen mirroring will engage as soon as the circle turns red.

On the desktop application, you can also choose to share a select portion of the screen with the meeting room. Moreover, when you’re done sharing, you’ll just have to tap on the red circle to end the screen sharing. It is just that simple, and there aren’t any extensive steps involved when setting up the Barco ClickShare application.

Bonus: Screen mirroring App – FlashGet Cast

FlashGet Cast is a screen-casting application known for its flexibility. It works with all devices and external displays. Here are the features you can expect from this application.

flashget cast app
  • Multi-Platform Support: FlashGet Cast supports most devices, such as Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. In this regard, it promises broad compatibility that should enable most users to cast their screens regardless of the operating systems they use.
  • High-Quality Stream: Provides HD screen sharing with low latency—transmitting smooth and clear display content. This will be especially useful for presentations; video streaming and gaming will be quite smooth.
  • Flexible Connectivity: The FlashGet Cast has various methods of device connection: Wi-Fi, USB, and connection through QR code scanning.
  • Secure Connection: FlashGet Cast can make a secure connection between devices, thus sharing content without leakage of information to unauthorized sources, which is important to keep confidential and sensitive information private and secure.


Barco ClicksShare is no doubt an amazing screen mirroring solution for businessmen. However, it does lack in a few segments with issues like a laggy presentation. Moreover, you will have to pay quite a bit of money to install this system in your conference room. On the other side, you won’t have to make any such commitments with FlashGet Cast. FlashGet Cast and Barco ClickShare both offer robust screen-sharing and collaboration solutions, but FlashGet Cast has several advantages.

FlashGet Cast is compatible with all kinds of platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, so no intending user will be locked out. You can rely on routing with Wi-Fi, USB, and even QR code scanning, which makes sense for a lot of different work environments. That makes setup straightforward in various environments. While Barco ClickShare does integrate well with existing AV systems, it is substantially more expensive and has a specified form of hardware. On the other hand, FlashGet Cast is much more affordable and doesn’t demand the use of any proprietary hardware, making this kind of solution accessible to a larger number of people and hence expanding your reach to a larger market.

In short, FlashGet Cast is an all-in-one, cost-effective, and user-friendly alternative to Barco ClickShare, and it’s the best fit for anyone looking for a brilliant screen mirroring and collaboration tool. So try it out, and I can almost bet my dollar that you’re going to use it forever as your one-stop casting solution.


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