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Download 5 best movie Apps to cast free movies to TV quickly


Everybody likes movies as they are a great way of relaxing and escaping daily problems. But it is also a fact that nobody likes to spend on movies, especially not on old ones. Moreover, watching movies on a small mobile screen is no fun. So, if you are looking for free movie apps and want their free movies to be cast to TV, then you have come to the right spot.

The 5 best free movie Apps in 2023

If you feel like that these days famous movie apps like Netflix and Amazon charge a lot monthly, and they don’t even have movies you love, then you are not wrong. Moreover, on Netflix & Amazon latest movies come after months.

For a fact, there are no movie apps out there that have all dramas, movies, and series in one place. So, it is always best to invest in various apps. Fortunately, there are movie apps that provide free watching, and at worst, they only show some ads.

So, by using these apps, you don’t have to spend a penny, and you can download many of these to cover all movie & drams categories. Below are the five best apps on the internet which you can download & use for free;


use viki to cast free movies to tv

If you are an Asian drama & movie lover, then Viki is made for you. Unlike other movie apps, which mainly cover Hollywood & European content, Viki is focused on Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thailand, Taiwan, & related media. And the best thing is, you can watch all of that for free. However, some ads will appear during watching.

Viki also has a paid subscription to access all the latest content and watch it in better quality. No ads will appear, standard content will be unlocked, and you can stream directly from Chromecast within the app.

Viki has over 50+ million on Android Play Store alone, and some of the famous dramas on Viki are Hotel Del Luna, Descendant of the Sun, Tale of the Nine-Tailed, etc.

ItemSupport iOSSupport AndroidFree VersionPaid Price


●$2.7 ~ $4.9/

●$27 ~ $49.99/


use Plex to cast free movies to tv

Plex offers a comprehensive platform that combines almost all media in one place, presenting it through an easy-to-use interface. With Plex, you can effortlessly watch movies and stream free online TV from anywhere while enjoying seamless compatibility across various devices.

One of the amazing benefits of Plex is its extensive library of on-demand titles, boasting over 50,000 options for you to explore. Plex App has 10+ million downloads on Play Store and boasts an impressive 182,018 five-star reviews, highlighting its positive reputation. And it has been downloaded over 12 million times on the App Store, further solidifying its credibility; Hannibal, Kung Fu, and Lucky Hang are the popular show on Plex.

ItemSupport iOSSupport AndroidFree VersionPaid Price






use viki to vudu free movies to tv

Vadu is a free movie app with easy access to a vast content library. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, as well as other smart devices. The best part is that no subscription services exist, so there is no base monthly price, and you can access over 9000+ movies and 360+ TV shows for free, but there will be ads.

For premium content, Vudu offers individual rentals and purchase plans per movie/TV show. Moreover, you can enjoy new releases weeks before they become available on other platforms.

For a family-friendly viewing experience, Vadu offers several features to enhance safety and control. Activate Kids Mode to create a safer environment for younger viewers, and benefit from Common Sense Media ratings and reviews to make informed choices.

With 10+ million installations from the Google Play Store and more than 12 million reviews on the App Store alone, Vudu is highly popular. Some of the famous movies available on the App include “Medusa,” “Snowpiercer,” and “Under the Skin,” among others.

ItemSupport iOSSupport AndroidFree VersionPaid Price


●$3.99 older movies

●$19.99 for new releases


use wetv to cast

WetV is a Thailand-originated App that sources content primarily from Tescent Video but also features shows and dramas from South Korea, the United States, and other countries. The App supports multiple speed options, offers a picture-in-picture function, and optimizes sections like “Coming Soon” and “My List.”

Moreover, WetV caters to a global audience by providing Vietnamese translation services and subtitles. Users can enjoy various features such as category selection, a seamless continuation of watching, video quality adjustment, and screen control.

WeTV has 100+ million downloads on Google Play Store and more than 10 million downloads on the App Store. Some popular titles available on the App include “Romance of a Twin Flower,” “Provoke,” and “The Journey of Chongzi.”

ItemSupport iOSSupport AndroidFree VersionPaid Price


●$2.30/ month

●$22.26/ Annum


use crackle to cast free movies to tv

Crackle is an App that offers a streaming service with a wide variety of classic movies, television shows, and new releases. The App is available on iOS, Android, and other smart TV options, making it accessible to everyone.

With Crackle, you can easily filter different genres such as comedy, drama, action, thrillers, and fandom, allowing you to discover fresh hits and all-time classics that suit your preferences. In addition to the free services, the App also offers premium services that can be unlocked through payment. These premium features include parental controls, ensuring a safe and family-friendly viewing experience.

Crackle has 10+ million downloads on Play Store and over 17 million on the App Store. Some of the popular shows available on Crackle include “227,” “Drive,” and “Resident Evil.”

ItemSupport iOSSupport AndroidFree VersionPaid Price


●$4.99/ month

●$49.99/ Annum

What are the best ways to cast free movies to TV?

In this modern world, there are tens of methods to cast a mobile screen to a TV, and the best part is you can cast not only the new smart ones but also the old traditional TVs. Some of these methods include

Use cable to cast free movies to TV

“With this method, you can cast any mobile to TV using Data cable/HDMI cable and any PC to TV using an HDMI/VGA cable.”

Casting to your TV via cable allows you to enjoy various entertainment, play games, give presentations, and so on. The best point about this method is that it supports all old non-smart TV in addition to new smart TVs, and as for mobile & laptops, cables support them all, no matter their operating system or model.

When mirroring mobile to TV using HDMI cable, buy an AV adaptor to make HDMI cable compatible with mobile, and in case you are using a Data cable as a main cable, buy a USB to HDMI adapter ( to connect the Data cable to your TV HDMI port ).

Use dongles like Chromecast to cast free movies to TV

“Chromecast is a gadget that, when connected to a TV, makes it able to receive wireless casting signals and converts this old TV into a smart one.”

Dongles are devices that allow you to wirelessly mirror media from your smartphone/tablet/ or computer to your television. With a few simple steps, you can mirror any movie App on the big screen without any additional cost.

Use third-party Apps to cast free movies to TV

“Third-Party Mirroring Apps like FlashGet Cast, AnyDesk, etc., allow you to cast any smart mobile to any smart TV, without needing to buy a costly cable or gadget.”

Third-party mirroring Apps are for you if you don’t want to pay any extra dollars and need something portable that you can use anywhere. They have various built-in features that dongles & cables don’t offer, like control, recording, remote mirroring, etc.

How to cast free movie Apps to TV via FlashGet Cast App?

FlashGet Cast is a free third-party App that allows you to mirror any mobile/laptop onto a Big Screen TV for movie watching ( or other purposes ).

The App supports various operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Web, so no matter your device, you can watch movies & TV shows without any disturbance. Moreover, it is easy to pair a mobile to a TV in simple steps, which even a kid can do.

FlashGet Cast offers amazing wireless speed & high-quality mirroring so you can enjoy your favorite shows without any lag. One of the key features of FlashGet Cast is its ability to share your device’s screen along with full audio, making it ideal for various situations, including movie-watching. Moreover, with its recording & screenshot feature, you can capture your favorite movie moments for later viewing & sharing.

How to download FlashGet Cast App?

First of all, connect your television and phone to your home/office’s same wifi network.

Now, start your smart television > launch any web browser App > and then go to the FlashGet Cast web, and a QR code will be visible on your TV web browser when the FlashGet Cast link is opened.

Now, it’s time to download the FlashGet Cast App on your mobile from Playstore/Appstore.

When you open the FlashGet Cast App on your mobile, a search bar will appear > read the code from the TV and input it in your mobile search bar or scan the TV QR code with your mobile camera.

Then, after some permission, your mobile screen will be on TV.

Finally, open your movie on your mobile and start playing it > this movie will automatically mirror on the big screen TV for enjoying.


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