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FlashGet Cast FAQs


Here, you’ll find all the FlashGet Cast FAQs and help guides.

Is FlashGet Cast safe?

FlashGet Cast‘s remote service uses p2p (peer-to-peer) direct connection technology. Transfers are done between clients only, without going through a relay server. Due to network restrictions, the transfer only goes through the relay server if the client cannot connect through the p2p channel. Our servers do not store any data and content you transmit to ensure user privacy. The content is encrypted with end-to-end AES to ensure safe transmission.

How to update your Windows?

1. Select the Start button, then select Settings > Update & security > Windows Update.

2. If you want to check for updates manually, select Check for updates.

3. Select Advanced options, and then under Choose how updates are installed, select Automatic (recommended).

What is Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE)?

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a low-power wireless communication technology that can be used over a short distance to enable smart devices to communicate. Some of the devices you interact with daily such as your smartphone, smartwatch, fitness tracker, wireless headphones, and computer, are using BLE to create a seamless experience between your devices.

If your Windows 10 computer doesn’t support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), we provide you with a link to buy a BLE device:

BLE Purchase Link (FlashGet Shop)

BLE Purchase Link (Amazon)

How to connect the iOS to PC via Bluetooth?

If Bluetooth works abnormally, try the following:

  1. Forget Bluetooth pairing both on PC and iOS
  2. Reboot FlashGet Cast. When the Bluetooth guide page of FlashGet Cast shows up, after 2 identical Bluetooth device names show on the phone, initiate Bluetooth connection from iOS. If a Bluetooth request shows up before you do any Bluetooth connection operation, DO NOT click Confirm.
  3. If you fail to discover 2 identical Bluetooth, exit settings on the phone, then reopen it.
  4. If it still fails, reboot the PC.

Other Measure:

  1. Download Lightblue from App Store.
  2. Open FlashGet Cast and enter the Bluetooth guide page.
  3. Connect Bluetooth with Lightblue.

Do I need to jailbreak my iPhone or iPad to use FlashGet Cast?

Whether you want to use FlashGet Cast for screen mirroring or control your iPhone or iPad through the computer, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

What are computer systems compatible with FlashGet Cast?

FlashGet Cast is compatible with Win 7 and Win 10.

1. With Win 7,

  • iOS: Supports screen mirroring function.
  • Android: Supports screen mirroring and controlling your Android phone.

2. With Win 10,

  • iOS: Supports screen mirroring and controlling your iPhone.
  • Android: Supports screen mirroring and controlling your Android phone.

What should I do when my computer can’t recognize my phone?

When the Android device is connected to the computer via a USB cable, the computer may not be able to recognize the Android device or fail to connect to the Android device via a USB cable.

Please try the following guide:

1. Go to the developer option of your Android device to confirm whether [USB debugging] is turned on.

2. Go to the developer options of the Android device, click [Revoke USB debugging authorizations – OK], then re-connect the USB cable. A pop-up window [Allow USB debugging?] will appear. Please select [Always allow from this computer] and tap [OK].

3. Switch the USB connection mode. Different manufacturers will have different ways to switch the USB connection mode.

  • For Android 8.0 and above: please set the USB mode to Charge Only (otherwise, the non-root will get failure after disconnecting the USB cable)
  • For Android 8.0 below: please set the USB mode to MTP

4. Use another USB port of the computer or replace another USB cable.

5. Restart the computer and Android device.

What kind of Bluetooth adapter do I need?

1. Why does FlashGet Cast need Bluetooth support?

Windows system operates iOS devices and needs to be connected via Bluetooth currently.

2. What kind of Bluetooth adapter do I need to buy?

You must purchase a Bluetooth 5.0 adapter that supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

3. To purchase a Bluetooth adapter with BLE support.

>>> Click to buy

(1) Click to buy the same Bluetooth adapter, tested by FlashGet Cast technical team can meet the needs of users.

Note: This product is not a brand promotion. If you encounter problems related to goods (logistics, quality), don’t hesitate to get in touch with the merchant to solve

(2) You can buy other brands of Bluetooth 5.0 adapters that support BLE.


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